Huggable peace planet (and an atlas shower curtain)

Today we went for baby’s 20 week scan. Everything looks great and it’s a little BOY!

So to celebrate we headed straight for Kopapa in Seven Dials for lunch. On our way back to Piccadilly we passed the amazing travel shop Stanfords. It’s one of those rare, specialised stores with a strong personality that I hope will survive for a long time.

Stanfords sell everything travel-related: from books to maps, toys, movies and gifts for travelling souls.  And if you make your way across the atlas floor, you’ll get to the laid-back café in the back (it’s run by Kiwis = excellent coffee).

The very first thing that caught my eye was this huggable planet. It’s made by a company called Peacetoys. They also sell eco-friendly books and organic cotton toys and have won several green awards.

So Mr. Baby Bassett now has his first toy. And even though this planet isn’t made from organic cotton like the other toys, I still think its message is pretty positive: hug and love the planet you’re on.

Plus it will help this baby’s geography-dyslexic mum remember exactly where Malaysia, The Philippines, Micronesia and all those other wonderful exotic travel destinations are on the map.

The huggable planet is on sale at the moment: £25 £20!

And I probably have to go back to Stanfords flagship store again soon. We’re moving next month and our new bathroom is screaming for this world atlas shower curtain. £24.95.

12-14 Long Acre
Covent Garden, London

6 responses to “Huggable peace planet (and an atlas shower curtain)

  1. Congratulations! A son – how wonderful! (A daughter would be just as wonderful, but I’m sure it’s nice to start thinking about gender-specific clothes and names and such.)

    • thank you Liam.

      and yes, gender doesn’t matter, what matters is that baby is healthy. it just makes it so much more real to know what it is and be able to say “he” instead of “it”. (Plus I’m so gonna buy those band onesies now 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Little boys are wonderful (as are little girls).

    A huggable planet…I love it. I’ve never been to that shop, I’ll have to stop by soon.

    • Thank you!

      And yes, you should definitely stop by Stanfords, it’s such a lovely shop. Plus it’s one of these places where you can bring the whole family. My husband (who absolutely loathes shopping) can spend more time in there than me.

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