Second-Hand Guide

Second-Hand Guide

Are you wondering where London’s many brilliant charity shops are hiding? Well, here are a few of my all-time favourites plus new ones I encounter on my way. This is a work-in-progess, so stay tuned! Oh, and you can also check out the things I found.




Highgate is not all about the beautiful cemetery: the lovely green area is home to some pretty brilliant charity shops and the staff was very friendly in all of them. You don’t even have to run around looking for them, as the two first two are right in front of you when you exit… Read More

St. John’s Wood

This area is home to some of my favourite second-hand shopping destinations in London. On St. Johns Wood High Street you’ll find three shops that are worth the detour… Read More


The best (and one of only a few) charity shops in the Kilburn area is TraidTraid stands for “Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development” and this charity has a number of shops all over London.
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Here is my shopping guide to second-hand shopping in Chiswick. Start your walk at Gunnersbury Station and end up at Turnham Green (or the other way around, if you so prefer)…
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Pimlico and Belgravia
I rarely go to this part of town as I quickly become fed up with the stiff upper lip “I-buy-all-my food-at Harvey Nic’s-foodhall” segment that seem to populate the white stucco houses. But oh my do they have some good charity shops there…Read More

The Salvation Army in Princes Street

If you’re running around Oxford Circus like a headless and rather exhausted and overwhelmed shopping chicken, then take a break and pop into the The Salvation Army charity shop in quiet Princes Street…Read More



My favorite second-hand shop in Tokyo – Tow 10
10 Tow is an amazing designer resale/depot vente/consignment shop in the Shibuya shopping district in Tokyo. I spotted it the first time we were there and have been going back ever since…Read More



Take a look at some of my many second-hand finds by clicking here