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Jodhpur boots….and a Swedish miracle cream

Wow, this blog post has been on its way since…forever. But here goes. The story about my – no longer so very new – practical boots.

When I was in Copenhagen, I couldn’t help admiring my always fashion-forward friend’s perfect pair of classic Jodhpur boots in the hallway. I asked her where she had bought them and, most importantly, how much she had paid for them.

And shortly after, this box arrived at my door:

Yes, it’s actually real riding boots, bought on equestrian website Horze.co.uk (they also have a Danish site Horze.dk). Price 48.95 pounds. Buy them here.

They’re perfect for this spring as they’re slightly too thin to be proper winter boots.  I put them on as soon as I received them and have practically worn them ever since. Not a blister in sight = ultra comfortable. And easy to slip on in 1 second, even when holding an over-tired baby.

And one more recommendation while you’re doing your Horze shopping. Do yourself a favour and get one of these Helosan ointments.

It’s a Swedish antiseptic, moisturising, skin ointment, which works wonders on dry elbows, chapped lips etc. It literally makes them heal overnight (Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream go home!).

The ointment is famous for its use on animals (farmers use them for cows with cracked udders etc…yumyum) and it’s neither organic nor free from parabens etc.

But it really works and I’ve been using it for skin emergencies since I was a child. 9.63 pounds for 300 g = dirt cheap. Buy it here.

No7 concealer and triple protection tinted moisturiser

Just wanted to share these two fab beauty products with you.

The other day I used the last tiny drop of my YSL Touche Eclat concealer and decided that there was no way I was going to buy a new one, a) because they’re too damn expensive (£22-25) and b) they aren’t really that great. If you’re after some of the big brand concealers I’d rather spend my money on those from Estée Lauder or Lancôme.

But I wasn’t nowhere near a shop that sold Estée Lauder or Lâncome. I was standing outside a Boots, so I decided to take a chance with Boot’s quite brilliant own range No7 and their Radiance Concealer. It cost £14 but I had a £5 off voucher and paid £9.

And I really like it. I think it’s about as good as the Touche Eclat and so much cheaper.

When I bough it the cashier handed me yet another £5 off voucher, so of course I had to run back in and buy what proved to be the piece de resistance, the No7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser.

I’m not a big fan of traditional foundations as many of them are too heavy and give my skin a fake and very made up look. So I used to not use anything. But with age your skin tone become less even, and pregnancy isn’t really helping either as I’ve started to get these darker pigmentation spots. They’ve decided to make their first appearance on my nose, of all places.

So the much lighter tinted moisturisers are my way forward. I guess you’re supposed to use this instead of your daily moisturiser but I prefer to moisturise as well. It’s so easy to apply and evens out the skin tone in the gentlest way possible. £12 (£7 with the voucher). And it contains SPF 15!

My new practical black boots

The last couple of years I’ve realised that I’ve become an old woman, – at least when it comes to footwear.

When I was in my 20s and living in Copenhagen I was armed with a bicycle and able to run around in high heels most of the time. My closet is still filled with 30 pairs of pumps and stilettos from that period, as I would stock up on them every time I spotted a great pair in a charity shop.

But fast forward to today and these lovelies hardly ever see the light of day or the pavement. The distances are so much bigger here in London and my poor feet would be torn to shreds after an hour in high heels.

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for practical, simple and comfortable boots to supplement my Carvela wedges in these shoe-abusing snowy times. I’ve had a hard time finding boots like that in London as most of them are too high, flimsy or filled with ugly shiny buckles and zippers.

Luckily the Scandinavian designers have a knack for making minimalist boots in sturdy and downplayed designs. I instantly spotted these Shoe Biz leather boots while in Copenhagen last week. Shoe Biz is Danish shoe brand Gardenia’s younger and cheaper range that focuses on wearable and comfortable shoes.

I’ve been wearing them ever since, through sleet and snow and they’re just perfect. The fit like a glove, are easy to walk in and I love how the subtle rubber wedge adds a bit of height. Price 799 DKK (£90). Buy them here.

Wish List: A fling with Dune

I tried these Dune boots on today and I had to exert all the self-control in the world….and then a bit more….to pull them off my feet,  put them back on the shelf and walk out the store without them.

Dune Fling Boots: £155.00. Buy them here (and then send them to me please) 🙂

Wish List: Black Winter Wedges

Mit budget er stramt for tiden, men hvis jeg skulle investere i én ting fra highstreet-butikkerne den kommende efterårs/vintersæson må det blive er par sorte støvler med kilehæl. Praktiske og behagelige men mere elegante end flade støvler. Og så skal de være helt enkle og sorte, gerne med snører eller lynlås. Her er nogle af dem, jeg har fundet på nettet, og nogle er jeg klart vildere med end andre (hej hej Opening Ceremony & Minimarket!!). Klik på billederne for at læse mere og shoppe:

I’m on a tight budget at the moment but if I were to “invest” in one thing from the high street shops for this coming autumn/winter season it would be a pair of ankle-length black wedge booties. Wedges are practical and comfortable but still more elegant than flat boots. I’m strictly aiming for basic black ones with lace ups and/or zipper. Here’s a few I like, some more than others (well hello Opening Ceremony & Minimarket!!). Click on the images to go to the online shops:


OFFICE KATOIR WEDGE ANKLE BOOT BLACK SUEDE. 89 pounds. Photo via office.co.uk

Dune OZZY Dressy ankle boot with back zip Suede with hidden platform. 110 pounds. Photo via dune.co.uk

Opening Ceremony : w30 bumper bootie - suede - black. 465 dollars (oouch). Photo via openingceremony.us

Vagabond: THELMA. 50 pounds. Photo via vagabond.com

Vagabond: THELMA. 75 pounds. Photo via vagabond.com

Vagabond: THELMA. 75 pounds. Photo via vagabond.com

Carvela: ADORA- suede lace up shoe boot. 130 pounds. Photo via kurtgeiger.com

Clarks: Yarra Desert Black Suede. 99 pounds. Photo via clarks.co.uk

L.K. Bennett: Maine Boot. 225 pounds. Photo via lkbennett.com

Asos: TURK Leather & Crepe Lace Up Wedge Boots. 48 pounds. Photo via asos.com

Minimarket Suede Zipper Wedge Boots. 245 pounds. Photo vis asos.com