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Hint hint

Yesterday I was rushing through Waterloo Station when a woman approached me with an outstretched arm. I was just about to say “no, thanks” to whatever she was offering, but then I saw what she was holding:

Yay, nasal strips! The woman took a quick look at me and handed me a generous four packets, which I grabbed with a big thank you.

I’ve ALWAYS been very good at snoring (poor Sam and numerous friends can testify to that) but pregnancy has made it 10 times worse. I can snore in any lying position now and even scare myself awake with those horrible sounds.

Add to that an evil hay fever attack and I’ve had to wave goodbye to my favourite pastime: sweet, deep, uninterrupted sleep. So I’m finally ready to also wave goodbye to vanity and try these. Will let you know if they work.

Foxy street art

This foxy fella has magically appeared on the wall next to our flat and next to Starbucks in Maida Vale.

I think he’s kinda awesome and very appropriate in an area where foxes roam the streets at night (they sometimes wake us up with their eerie screaming).

Cold Christmas Copenhagen by night

The cold Copenhagen weather has turned evil and given me a bad cold. Add to that my constant running around town to catch up with good old friends and the poor blog has had to suffer a bit.

But I have four new Denmark-themed posts in the pipeline. One about my new practical black boots, another about where to find Copenhagen’s best shawarmas and then two about my favourite cafés.

But today I’ll leave you with a few pictures of cold, cold Copenhagen by night.

Space Santa in Carnaby Street

Yes, I know it’s waaaay too early to talk about Christmas. But I love the Christmas lights that make the London streets sparkle and glitter in the dark. Especially the quirky ones in Carnaby Street.

This year James Glancy Design has propelled the famous little street into the space age with floating spheres, multi-colored stars, whirling planets and Rayban-wearing astronaut Santas that are too cool for school. I like.

Autumn leaves and Halloween

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the autumn colours as as much as this year. I just can’t stop admiring the green, brown and yellow leaves that seem to have set London’s streets on fire.

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday, where we walked from Maida Vale to Odeon in Swiss Cottage to watch The Social Network (great movie btw which I urge you to see) and killed time before the film with a little detour through the picturesque Belsize Park area.

On our way home from the movie, the streets were filled with tiny ghosts, witches, ghouls and monsters, laughing pumpkins and smiling mums, waiting in the open doors with bowls of colourful candy. Lovely.

Indian Summer Sunday at Primrose Hill

The weather was just beautiful today with rays of sunlight from a bright blue sky reflecting in the first orange autumn leaves.  One such a day there’s simply no better place to be than at the top of Primrose Hill.

The Twilight Zone

aka villakvarters-Hjørring by night….

aka suburban Hjørring by night….

Vintermorgener – Winter mornings

fra vores badeværelsesvindue….

Foto: Mette Bassett

from our bathroom window…