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Cold Christmas Copenhagen by night

The cold Copenhagen weather has turned evil and given me a bad cold. Add to that my constant running around town to catch up with good old friends and the poor blog has had to suffer a bit.

But I have four new Denmark-themed posts in the pipeline. One about my new practical black boots, another about where to find Copenhagen’s best shawarmas and then two about my favourite cafés.

But today I’ll leave you with a few pictures of cold, cold Copenhagen by night.

The twilight hour in W9

Yesterday I went for a walk. From Maida Vale and up Abbey Road until it twists and becomes West End Lane.

I had brought my camera as I wanted to double-check the West Hampstead charity shops before writing the guide. But I ended up taking more pictures of the sky than anything else.

It was just so pretty as the day’s fog had finally cleared, letting the setting sun shine blood-orange red through tree-tops and illuminate windows.

Northern Sky

Jeg elsker den allestedsnærværende himmel i Vendsyssel, især når den går i ét med det brusende vilde Vesterhav. Det var lige før jeg pakkede badedragten i sidste uge, så jeg kunne hoppe en tur i bølgerne. Men det satte vild vestenvind og kølige temperaturer hurtigt en stopper for, og jeg nøjedes med at beundre på afstand.

I love how the sky seems to be everywhere you look in Vendsyssel. It’s particularly beautiful and expressive when it joins forces with the North Sea. I actually considered packing my bathing suit before leaving London, but quickly changed my mind when I read the weather forecast: very windy with rain. The rough summer weather provided some dramatic cloud formations and wild waves which I enjoyed from at safe distance.

Vintermorgener – Winter mornings

fra vores badeværelsesvindue….

Foto: Mette Bassett

from our bathroom window…