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Happy Hair Days

Three months after giving birth, my hair started falling out faster than you can say “hair loss”. I guess the hair Elliot’s scalp has been sprouting recently has had to come from somewhere ūüôā

Previously I’d been using the Redken Extreme shampoo & conditioner in the hope that it’d work wonders on my hair. Well, it hasn’t. In fact I think it’s pretty crap, as I’ve spent every morning after the shower, desperately combing through my wet hair trying to detangle it before Elliot got bored of sitting in his bouncy chair.

So now I felt like treating my quickly receding hair line as gently and naturally as possible – no need to nuke the last remaining strands with parabens.

What I needed was a powerful de-frizzing shampoo and conditioner and when I spotted the Happy Hair Days products during my online shopping spree at Sainsburys I was intrigued. I love the quirky bottle designs and the fact that the products don’t contain parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate).

And the price, oooh the price is just fine: £3.99 per bottle. I chose the Blueberry & Pear smoothing shampoo & conditioner and it smells great. But there are many other cool combinations, like the Marshmallow & Coconut one for coloured hair, or the Rosemary & Mint thickening one.

I couldn’t find a website for the Happy Hair Days brand, but you can find them in Sainsbury’s and Boots.

Favourite product: Naked orange blossom shower gel

I was browsing the shelves at Boots yesterday, looking for a new and less expensive shower gel that could replace my now empty Weleda Wild Rose Shower Cream.

Boots don’t stock too many skin & eco-friendly natural products, but I already knew where I was heading: to the shelf with Naked body care products. All their products are 97% natural and free from parabens, SLS and¬† petrochemicals. And they’re very affordable.

I was just about to grab their Love Me Naked rose body wash, but then I smelled this one for sensitive skin called Take Care and had to buy it.

It’s scented with orange blossoms and the delicate smell instantly took me back in time to ages ago when I was working as an au-pair in Paris. When I prepared strawberries or cr√™pes or for the kids I would always sprinkle them with l’eau de fleur d’oranger – orange blossom water. Pure nostalgia. Price ¬£3.99.

Naked make loads of other products (unfortunately most Boots only stock a small selection). So far I’ve only tried their shampoo + conditioner for coloured hair, which I didn’t exactly love. But the shower gels are great. The next thing I’m going to try out is their witch hazel toner.

Click here to check out Naked’s whole product range (they do free UK delivery on orders over ¬£20.

Favourite product: Wigo Europe hair dryer

Nu vi er ved h√•rliret, s√• m√• jeg lige skamrose min Wigo h√•rt√łrrer. Jeg k√łbte den for en 4-5 √•r siden efter at have l√¶st et tip i et dameblad.

Foto: Mette Bassett

Her var nemlig et personligt r√•d fra en h√•rstylist, som mente, at alle burde investere i en professionel h√•rt√łrrer. Jeg k√łbte min hos Stuhr i K√łbmagergade for omkring 950 kr., men der er tit gode tilbud online. Og jeg knuselsker den. S√• meget at en af knapperne er kn√¶kket af (burde ikke ske til den pris). Det tager kun 5 minutter at t√łrre h√•ret og det bliver l√¶kkert luftigt og fyldigt. Jeg kommer aldrig til at g√• tilbage til billige h√•rt√łrrere.

English: I just wanted to tip you about the one hair product that I can’t live without. 4-5 years ago I read about the Wigo Europe professional hair dryer in a women’s magazine. This personal tip from a hair professional caught my eye and I decided to go for it.

The Wigo hair dryer cost around 100 pounds and I bought it from a salon (you can also find realy good online deals). And I just love it, so much in fact that one of the buttons broke (that really shouldn’t happen at this price). But it still works and I use it every day. It only takes 5 minutes to dry my hair and leaves it feeling very voluminous.

Favourite Product: DuWop Cheek Venom

Foto: Mette Bassett

Det lyder giftigt, men amerikanske DuWop’s Cheek Venom er, lige som deres legendariske Lip Venom, fri for skadelige tils√¶tningsstoffer og ikke testet p√• dyr. Jeg foretr√¶kker creme-blushere, da de holder hele dagen og i selv den v√¶rste sommervarme, og da jeg ogs√• er fan af koral-farven (bl.a. i form af den fantastiske MAC lip conditioner) r√łg denne Lip Venom i farven “Diamondback” straks i kurven.

Jeg elsker den fine, lidt glimtende farve, og cremen dufter dejligt spearmint-agtigt, kildrer og k√łler lidt p√• kinderne, og skulle efter sigende b√•de pleje og pifte dem op. Og s√• varer den simpelthen for evigt. Den f√•s ogs√• i farven Sidewinder, der er lidt m√łrkere og mere nude. Pris 24 dollars. Kan k√łbes p√• nettet her eller p√• ASOS. Og s√•dan ser den ud “in action”:

English: I prefer cream blushers as they stay on the whole day, even in the worst humid summer heat. My absolute favourite is American Duwop’s Cheek Venom in the coral pink “Diamondback” (looking for a great coral colour for the lips to go with it? try this). DuWop are famous for their legendary lipglosses and plumpers called Lip Venoms. The products are, despite the dangerous name, free from any nasty additives and not tested on animals.

Last but not least, this product simply lasts forever – I bet you’ll have to throw it away not because it’s empty but because it’s getting to old. The blusher also comes in the colour “Sidewinder”, described as a “gorgeous nude flush”. Costs around 24 dollars. Buy it online here. Here’s how it looks on the skin:

Foto: Mette Bassett

Yndlingsprodukt: MAC lip conditioner

Foto: Mette Bassett

Det har¬†taget¬†mig¬†over et √•r¬†at n√•¬†ned til bunden¬†p√•¬†min f√łrste¬†b√łtte MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner i¬†farven¬†‘Gentle Coral’. Jeg¬†har¬†allerede¬†k√łbt¬†en ny, der st√•r¬†klar¬†i¬†kulissen, s√• god er den.

Jeg er ikke¬†den store fan af l√¶bestift, da jeg¬†i¬†forvejen¬†har¬†ret farvede¬†l√łber.¬† De fleste¬†lipgloss¬†synes¬†jeg¬†er for klistrede¬†og skinnende, s√• for mig¬†er denne¬†farvede¬†l√¶bebalsam¬†den perfekte¬†middelvej. Den g√łr¬†l√¶berne¬†dejligt¬†bl√łde¬†og beskytter¬†mod udt√łrring,¬†selv¬†i¬†vintervejr, har¬†solfaktor¬†15 og dejlig¬†let duft¬†og smag. Og s√•¬†pifter¬†den ansigtet¬†op med lidt¬†kul√łr¬†uden¬†at overd√łve. F√•s¬†i¬†6 forskellige¬†nuancer. Pris 10.50 pund. K√łb den her.

In English: I’m just about to finish my little pot of MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner ¬†in the ‘gentle coral’ colour. It has taking me more than a year to get to the bottom of it and I’ve already bought a replacement, that’s how much I luv it.

I’m not really a lipstick person as my lips are already quite dark and too much colour doesn’t really suit me, neither does yucky sticky shiny¬†lip gloss. So this is the perfect alternative. It soothes¬†and moisturizes¬†your lips and protects them from the sun (spf¬†15), smells and feels lovely and leaves¬†just the perfect amount of colours on my lips.

I comes in 6 different colours and costs 10.50 pounds.  Buy it here.

Foto: Mette Bassett


Favoritprodukt: Never A Dull Moment fra Origins

Foto via origins.co.uk

N√•r det g√¶lder morgen- & aftenrutinen med at rense ansigtet, s√• har jeg de sidste mange, mange √•r sv√¶rget til Origins “Never A Dull Moment” gel√©en. Den dufter dejligt, skummer lige s√• dejligt og s√• udt√łrrer¬† den ikke huden, men efterlader den frisk og uden spor af makeup.

Og den svider ikke i √łjnene, s√• er man l√łbet t√łr for √łjenmake-up-fjerner, kan den ogs√• bruges d√©r i en sn√¶ver vending. Plus den er super dr√łj.

In English: My favourite facial cleanser is without a doubt Origins “Never a Dull Moment”. I smells wonderful, produces a light foam when mixed with water, and it removes all dirt and make-up without drying out my skin. Plus it lasts forever.

And it doesn’t even hurt if you accidentally put it in your eyes.