Second-hand find: 2 x green Jonathan Adler vases

I love ceramics and pottery and have been collecting the fragile, hand-made pieces for many years.

When it comes to vases, Jonathan Adler is a firm favourite. (You might have spotted his pieces in Carrie’s flat in Sex and The City).  All Adler pottery is designed in his Soho studio in New York and then thrown in Peruvian workshops which have been found through Aid to Artisans, a non-profit organisation that promotes fair trade.

And what’s not to love about a designer with a an amazingly inspired and witty cv like this. And take a look at his manifesto.

I used to own only two Adler vases. A blue and a white. The blue one I don’t think is in production anymore and I bought it on sale in the shop Stilleben in Copenhagen. The white bulb vase (£118) is a gift from my former colleagues.

But then recently I spotted these two in my favourite charity shop, St John’s Hospice Shop, in St. John’s Wood:

I actually first thought they were cheap copies from Ikea, so I quickly turned them upside down:

“Yay me!” I silently shouted to myself and ran to the till. The were both £7.

The left one is called gourd relief (£98) and the one on the right is called abacus (£88). Both are inspired by “seeds, barnacles, pebbles and other natural wonders”.

4 responses to “Second-hand find: 2 x green Jonathan Adler vases

  1. They are lovely! What a find. I wish that our charity shops in Canada were that well stocked.

  2. I have the same blue double lantern Adler vase. I have often thought mine might be a fake. Can you tell me if Pot and Porter are on the bottom please. I have been hunting for any evidence this pretty little vase is authentic. Cheers 🇨🇦 Janis

    • Hi Janis. Sorry for my late reply but I don’t update this blog any longer. I just checked the bottom of the blue vase, and not it doesn’t say Pot A Porter underneath. Just Jonathan Adler and then a sticker saying ‘handmade in Peru for Jonathan Adler’. It is definitely authentic though as I bought it from an authorised store. I believe that the green vases are a lot older (90s) and that all the newer ones don’t have Pot A Porter markings. My big white one didn’t either. The movers unfortunately broke that one during our move to Singapore. Hope that helps!

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