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The amazing cup holder for sleep-deprived mums

I’ve just spent a few days in the lovely company of a good friend from Denmark. Thoughtful as always she brought me this:

It’s a coffee cup holder that you can fit onto your pram/buggy/pushchair…..or your bicycle, if you’re lucky enough to live in a city where it’s safe to ride one of those.

And if I’m feeling really sleep-deprived, I might just end up placing it on my wrist. Permanently!

Find out where to buy it on ko-be.dk. (And if you’re not in Denmark, you can find other models on Amazon).

The Coffee Tree in Maida Vale

After having moved from Randolph Avenue to Elgin Avenue we’re now a tiny bit closer to Shirland Road.

So when local tweeters Lord Elgin and Alex mentioned the opening of a new coffee and pastry shop next to a hardware shop I decided to combine my hunt for a new broom with a caffeine & cake fix.

This charming coffee shop is tastefully decorated with raw wood panels and bright red lamps and a small selection of Italian coffee, olive oil etc. on display. A very welcome addition amongst the street’s Lebanese restaurants, Indian take-aways and run-down fastfood joints.

I ordered a large latte to go (£1.90 – double shot doesn’t cost extra) + a brownie (£2) and the friendly owner threw in a mini-muffin when he found out that I was a local blogger. Or who knows, maybe he just gives them out to all new customers…

As soon as I saw the lovely leaf-shaped pattern on the coffee my expectations rose and I half expected something along the lines of the wonderful flat whites they serve at Flat White in Soho or at Kopapa.

I must admit I was a bit dissappointed. The coffee was too watery and didn’t taste of a whole lot.  I’m not sure what to blame: the Danesi beans, the machine or maybe the fat content of the milk? Still better than Starbucks though.

But the pastries were to die for, especially the brownies. I haven’t had a brownie as good as this in a long time. Moist, heavy and dark, rich chocolatey.

So while the coffees leave room for improvement, the cakes and the friendly service are definitely worth the trip to Shirland Road if you’re in the area.

The Coffee Tree
215 Shirland Road
W9 3JP London

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Kopapa – Kiwi coffee and brunch in Seven Dials

Fancy a cup of some of London’s best coffee plus a yummy brunch?

Then head straight for Kopapa. This new all-day diner/cafe/restaurant is co-owned by New Zealander Peter Gordon who is also the man behind the excellent The Providores and Tapa Room in Marylebone.

Kopapa is laid-back and buzzing and the location near Covent Garden couldn’t be better as you often struggle to find quality cafés in this all too touristy area.

If you can’t get a table straight away you can always enjoy your food by the big marble counter, just as we did, while you flick through the big selection of magazines and newspapers. I actually think this particular corner of the bar is a lot cosier than the tables if it’s just the two of you.

During the weekend Kopapa has an extensive brunch menu, similar to the one at Providores, which is made up of Kiwi-inspired lovelies such as Kopapa toasted oat & dried fruit granola with Greek yoghurt & NZ rata honey (£6). Or what about a Chorizo hash with a fried egg, rocket, salsa verde & crispy shallot (£7.40)?

I chose one of my favourites: Hot-smoked salmon on toasted sourdough with spinach, 2 poached eggs & yuzu hollandaise…..omnomnomnomnom (£10.50).

Sam had the bacon fry-up, that comes with slow-roasted tomatoes and 2 eggs of your choice on buttered sourdough or granary toast (£7.80).

And don’t forget to pair you choice of food with a splendid flat white. Those Antipodeans sure know how to make a good coffee! (And if you’re in the mood for even more sublime coffee after leaving the café, you can always head straight for Monmouth Coffee further down the street).

Kopapa Café and Restaurant
32-34 Monmouth Street
Seven Dials, Covent Garden

Flat White….plus hvor finder man Londons bedste kaffe

Mange kaffeelskere vil hurtigt kunne blive enige om, at Starbucks’ latte er noget mælket, smagsløst sjask, der som udgangspunkt altid skal bestilles med et ekstra skud espresso.

Men der er håb forude, for nu er Starbucks (og Costa) begyndt at reklamere med “flat white”. En flat white er af australsk/new zealandsk oprindelse og betegner en lille stærk latte med masser af smag.  Den har en cremet konsistens, da mælkeskummet under opvarmningen blandes med det nederste lag mælk, som derefter hældes forsigtigt over kaffen. I mælkeskummet aftegnes det karakteristiske bladmotiv .

Jeg  har testet Starbucks’ flat whites og de er ok. Men er du i Soho og vil smage “the real deal” så smut forbi et af disse 3 steder, som serverer Londons bedste kaffe.

  • Flat White, 17 Berwick Street (Soho): Hyggelig og altid proppet legendarisk kaffebar, der også serverer lette retter. Stedet er drevet af to kiwier (New Zealændere) der ved, hvordan en “flat white” skal skummes.
  • Milk Bar, 3 Bateman Street (Soho): Lillebror til Flat White. Her er lidt bedre plads til at sidde ned og igen lette retter og kage på kortet.
  • Monmouth Coffee Company, 27 Monmouth Street (Covent Garden): Kaffefirma med egen butik, hvor du dels kan få takeaway-kaffe men også shoppe løs blandt deres forskellige kaffebønner.

Foto via http://www.flat-white.co.uk

In English: Most people agree that a Starbucks (or other chain) latte is pretty bland and tasteless. Recently both Starbucks and Costa have started to advertise for their new “flat white” in the hope of luring the more coffee-savvy clientele into their shops.

The flat white is a smaller, stronger and creamier kind of latte that originates from New Zealand and Australia. And honestly if you want to get a real flat white (I’ve tried the Starbucks version a few times, and it is ok, but still very bland) head for one of these three spots in Soho in Central London instead.

They serve London’s best coffee:

  • Flat White, 17 Berwick Street: Cosy, small and very busy coffeebar cum café. It’s run by two Antipodeans who really know how to handle the espresso machine.
  • Milk Bar, 3 Bateman Street: Flat White’s little brother and only a few streets away. Less busy and more space to sit down and maybe try one of their cakes and light meals.
  • Monmouth Coffee Company, 27 Monmouth Street (Covent Garden): Coffee company with their own coffeeshop where you can drop in for at takeaway coffee or to buy your own coffee beans.