Favourite blog: Goddammit I’m Mad

Sister Wolf is pretty grumpy (try fucking mad) about a lot of things: pretentious (fashion) bloggers, especially the ones who use words like “rad” and “gnarly”, horse-like fashion editors, overpriced and over-accessorised “It” shoes and clueless style in general.

She does like a few things though, like Yohji Yamamoto and tattoos.  Oh, and she’s the living proof that you don’t have to chop off your long black hair or lay off the red-lipstick-Morticia-look just because you’ve hit your fifties.

Here’s how she introduces herself:

Sister Wolf has been mad for a long time. She is here to share the joy. Celebrities make her mad, Republicans make her mad, cultural crimes and the misuse of language make her apoplectic. Lots and lots of other stuff, too. Funny things make her happy! Horrible things (like those chimps who didn’t get any birthday cake) make her day.

Read Goddammit I’m Mad

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