Jodhpur boots….and a Swedish miracle cream

Wow, this blog post has been on its way since…forever. But here goes. The story about my – no longer so very new – practical boots.

When I was in Copenhagen, I couldn’t help admiring my always fashion-forward friend’s perfect pair of classic Jodhpur boots in the hallway. I asked her where she had bought them and, most importantly, how much she had paid for them.

And shortly after, this box arrived at my door:

Yes, it’s actually real riding boots, bought on equestrian website (they also have a Danish site Price 48.95 pounds. Buy them here.

They’re perfect for this spring as they’re slightly too thin to be proper winter boots.  I put them on as soon as I received them and have practically worn them ever since. Not a blister in sight = ultra comfortable. And easy to slip on in 1 second, even when holding an over-tired baby.

And one more recommendation while you’re doing your Horze shopping. Do yourself a favour and get one of these Helosan ointments.

It’s a Swedish antiseptic, moisturising, skin ointment, which works wonders on dry elbows, chapped lips etc. It literally makes them heal overnight (Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream go home!).

The ointment is famous for its use on animals (farmers use them for cows with cracked udders etc…yumyum) and it’s neither organic nor free from parabens etc.

But it really works and I’ve been using it for skin emergencies since I was a child. 9.63 pounds for 300 g = dirt cheap. Buy it here.

4 responses to “Jodhpur boots….and a Swedish miracle cream

  1. I love boots and am positively drooling about these boots. Sadly, can’t seem to find them, nor the cream you recommend, on-line in the States.

    Just discovered your blogsite. Am very much enjoying it!

  2. Hello! I think I found your blog by searching for “jodhpurs and dresses” or something like that… I am very inspired! They look so lovely! I was wondering if you might tell me how you like the Horze jodhpurs… are the insoles padded at all? How are they for walking? Thank you so much!

    • Hi,
      They are really comfy, although not really padded. I wore them all winter when I first bought them and they never hurt my feet once. They are very light too 🙂 Mette

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