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Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A + dressing the bump accordingly

On a grey and rainy day like today there’s nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of hot tea. But if you want to be a bit more active, you can always head for a fashion exhibition.

Even though I love (second-hand) clothes and shopping I tend to yawn and curl my lip in contempt when faced with catwalk shows, fashion weeks and the name-dropping of aaaaarrrhhhmazing designers.

It just bores me to death and I never learned to love the vacuous mingling and bitchy atmosphere of Copenhagen Fashion Week, when I worked as a fashion journalist.

But if there’s one designer that can get me up from the sofa it’s the ground-breaking Japanese Yohji Yamamoto. So last week I went to see the his exhibition at the V&A. It’s small but good.

Left-hand side is dedicated to a mannequin parade of some of his best designs, through the years. 9 out of 10 of his designs I would wear on the spot, and I was (almost) tempted to just tear a few dresses of the dolls and make a run for it 🙂

The right-hand side consists of a row of TV’s, showing Yohji Yamamoto’s catwalk shows  and videos about the controversial designer. Should you want to meet the designer himself, then I suggest you book a ticket for the talk on the 26th of June.

6 months pregnant or not, I felt I had to honour Mr. Yohji by wearing one of his designs to the exhibition. I only own two Yamamoto items: a skirt with a narrow waist (so that one was out of the question) and this dress:

So on it went. I had to leave the zipper half-open, but I still like the way it looks. If you want to see it in a non-pregnant state and read about where I bought it, click here.

I love how this last windblown picture reminds me of the poster from the exhibition. Noone does those avantgarde silhouettes quite like Yamamoto. They’re instantly recognisable.

Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A, until 10 july 2011.
Read more & book tickets

Tokyo shopping – Yohji Yamamoto dress and leather bracelet

Foto: Mette Bassett

Jeg elsker japanske designeres avantgardistiske og formeksperimenterende tilgang til tøj. En klar favorit er Yohji Yamamoto , men jeg synes ikke jeg har råd til at købe det fra nyt, og den eneste YY ting i min garderobe har hidtil været denne nederdel.

Så da jeg spottede disse to ting i favorit kommissionsgenbrugs-butikken 10 Tow i Tokyo (skriver en separat post om den) måtte jeg slå til.

English: I really, really like the edginess and deconstructive avant-garde’ness of  japanese designers. Especially  Yohji Yamamoto. But I can’t really afford to buy his new stuff and only owned this skirt before.

So when I spotted these two items in my favourite consignment store, 10 Tow, in Tokyo (I’ll do a separate post on the shop) I knew I would regret it, if I didn’t buy them.

Foto: Mette Bassett

Beklager de uskarpe billeder, men her er det første køb. Den sorte kjole var sat helt vildt ned og kostede omkring 12000 yen, så vidt jeg husker = knap 800 kr. Jeg elsker den assymmetiske facon, stoffet er silke/uld-agtigt og super behageligt. Der er lommer foran og hul-detalje bagpå, over lænden:

English: Sorry about the blurry pictures. I really need to get a tripod. This black wool/silk dress is so comfortable and I love the assymmetrical raw cut. It was on sale and cost  around 12000 yen = 88 pounds. Pockets on the front and a funny “gap” detail on the back:

Foto: Mette Bassett

Jeg snuppede også lige dette flettede læderarmbånd fra linien Y’s Yamamoto. Det er vist egentlig til mænd, but who cares 🙂 Pris omkring 3000 yen = 200 kr.

English: I had to get this woven leather bracelet from Y’s Yamamoto as well. I thinks it’s from the men’s collection, but who cares 🙂 Price around 3000 yen = 22 pounds.

Foto: Mette Bassett

Foto: Mette Bassett