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My favourite beauty blog: A model recommends

A few weeks ago I watched the brilliant Channel 4 documentary series from 2003, This Model Life for the first time. Here acclaimed film-maker Jane Treys zooms in on life in fashion’s fast lane as pictured in the life of two very different British models.

First up is the incredibly beautiful, tall and majestic supermodel Erin O’Connor who jets between Paris, New York and London to strike poses for Jean-Paul Gaultier and Valentino. She’s a the top of her game and is wisely investing her money in NY property.

Quite a bit further down the slippery supermodel ladder we find bubbly blonde Ruth Crilly who is hanging on with a firm grip. What she lacks in height and serene beauty compared to Erin O’Connor she makes up for in charm, drive and a great sense of humour. In the first episode we follow her as her agency ships her off to Japan where Ruth is hoping to earn enough money to pay back her mum and erase those horrible credit card debts. It’s not a great success (the Japanese are not big fans of the quirky gap between her front teeth, although they’re too polite to say it) but Ruth takes it all in stride.

Same happens in a very hot and humid New York in August, where all her potential customers seem to have fled the sticky city and Ruth ends up spending more time with a baby turtle in her dingy model apartment than at castings.

So bottom line and what I actually wanted to say: After watching the programme I googled Ruth Crilly and found out that seven years later she’s still in business as a successful model and as the author of a popular blog: A model recommends. Here she tests and recommends beauty products via posts and YouTube videos. It has quickly become my favourite beauty blog (well, actually the only one I really care to read) because it’s so down-to-earth, useful and honest and just as delightful as the woman behind it. Go check it out and see if you like it too.

Watch This Model Life on Channel 4 On Demand (only works in the UK I think)

Visit A model recommends