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Post play date

We went to a musical play date this morning. It’s half an hours brisk walk from where we live, but today the sun is out and there’s no breeze so we had to walk pretty slowly and I had to wipe off the dripping sweat every other minute. But hey, it’s all exercise.

On the way back Elliot couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore. Luckily he fell asleep just when we passed one of the many local eateries/hawker centres.

And thanks to his new miniature clip-on fan he doesn’t get too hot in the buggy while he sleeps.


This meant I could sit down in the shade and enjoy an ice cold lime juice and a chicken murtabak – a sort of Indian pancake filled with chicken and onion and egg that you dip in a spicy sauce. So good. 6 dollars for a huge portion.