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Traid Kilburn and my 6 pound shopping spree

The best (and one of only a few) charity shops in the Kilburn area is Traid. Traid stands for “Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development” and this charity has a number of shops all over London. Find them here.

Basically what they do is divert clothes from landfills, then they hand sort it and sell the best stuff in their shops. The profit is used to “support projects fighting inequality and exploitation in the global textile supply chain, and projects establishing environmental sustainability in some of the world’s poorest communities.” Quite admirable and worth supporting.

I always walk past this shop on my way to our local Sainsbury’s and last time the sale signs were screaming at me “2 pounds, only 2, come in and have a look Mette!!” So I did. The shop is long and cluttered and filled with rows of clothes arranged by colour and type.

It can get very busy and your second-hand treasure hunt will probably be time-consuming so don’t bring your better half as he will slowly deteriorate outside the shop while you manically flip through row after row of skirts, bright ethnic caftans, polyester shirts, boyfriend’s jeans etc.

Traid, 69-71 Kilburn High Road. Map

It can be difficult to dig out the really brands or vintage finds here as 80% of the stock is made up of newish  cheap stuff like Primark, M&S, H&M etc. I ended up with these three in my basket:

It’s a basic cotton T-shirt (C&A) but I like the wooden pearls that have been applied around the neckline. before: 6.99, now: 2 pounds.

Mexx was all the rage amongst nice little girls when I grew up in Denmark in the early 80’s so this see-through top hit the nostalgia spot. But I also like the bordeaux colour and the animal print. Will definitely have to wear a black top underneath. Before: 6.99, now: 2 pounds.

Well, who can say no to a pair of 2 pound striped Jaeger trousers? Not me, as I love that brand. Only drawback is that they’re slightly too small and when I wear them I resemble an over-stuffed sausage (I didn’t feel like queuing for the changing rooms, so didn’t try them on). Oh well, they’ll go in the “stuff-I’ll-wear-when-I-get-slimmer” pile and probably stay there for a long time. Before: 14.99, now: 2 pounds.

Ultra-cheap Thai food in Kilburn

Hvad jeg skulle have gjort i lørdags, da jeg lå katatonisk på sofaen med onde, onde tømmermænd var at hanke op i mig selv og trave en frisk tur op til Kilburn High Road. Her, midt i det temmeligt trøstesløste område ligger nemlig Spicy Basil, der godtnok har en af byens grimmeste facader, men til gengæld serverer noget af Londons billigste thaimad. Kokkene står klar-parat bag disken til at smide de på forhånd afmålte friske ingredienser på panden, så du lynhurtigt kan få serveret  klassikere som Pad Thai, røde og grønne karryer etc. Pris for en hovedret (inkl. ris): 4.50-5 pund.

Bestil ekstra chili og friskpresset appelsin/gulerods-juice, så bliver de værste tømmermænd med garanti blæst ud af hovedet og ud på den grå gade. Al mad fås selvfølgelig også som take-away.

Spicy Basil, 165 Kilburn High Road, London, tel: 020 7328 6646

What I should’ve done last Saturday when I was lying in a catatonic hung-over state on the sofa was to walk up to Kilburn High Road. This rather grim-looking street houses Spicy Basil – a brilliant Thai restaurant/take-away that serves up some of London’s cheapest Thai-food. Several cooks operate behind the counter in the cafeteria-style room and it rarely takes them more than 5 minutes to whip together a yummy meal, made from scratch from fresh ingredients. You can get all the classics: from Pad Thai to red and green curries. A main costs 4.50-5 pounds (incl. rice).

Order some extra fresh chilli and a freshly squeezed orange/carrot juice and your hangover will hopefully hop out of your head and onto the bleak rain-soaked street.

Spicy Basil, 165 Kilburn High Road, London, tel: 020 7328 6646