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New from H&M: nude, black and lace

When I was on my highstreet hunt for winter boots I also quickly checked out the stock in my favourite H&M at Regent Street. I try to avoid it as much as I can as there’s a bit too much buy-and-throw-away-in-a-few-months tackiness about their clothes.

But H&M is amazing if you’re after cheap wardrobe basics  with a modern and edgy twist – especially if you stick to natural materials like cotton and viscose.

I ended up with this basic cotton sweater/top, I love the slouchy shape and the nude colour. Comes in MANY other colours. £ 7.99

Up second is this long black skirt in 100% soft viscose. It’s soooo comfy, it’s like the tracksuit of skirts. Perfect for lazy weekends at home but also looks pretty classy with a pair of wedge boots. I haven’t washed it yet, so don’t know how well it holds up (cheapo viscose is risky business). £ 12.99.

And here they are, hand in hand:

H&M do some pretty great tights and leggings as well. Bought this pair of lace leggings. They are soft and stretchy and have a nice wide waistband. £ 9.99.

My black winter wedges: Carvela Slip boots

After a month of researching and trying on and pondering I finally decided upon  what was going to be MY pair of black winter wedges for everyday use. These Carvela Slip wedges cost 130 pound, but I bought them in TopShop’s shoe department and got 10% off as I somehow still have a valid student card.

I actually headed for Oxford Street having finally decided to buy the practical Clark’s Yarra Desert boots but turns out they’re completely sold out. So I settled for these instead, they’re a bit less practical but soooo comfortable and no too high. Come in a grey suede version as well.

Shop Carvela Slip Wedges at Kurtgeiger.com

Elastic band sandals

Jeg leder stadig efter praktiske sandaler, der kan bære mig gennem sommeren. Faldt over to par på Offices hjemmeside, som jeg ikke har set i butikkerne. Første par hedder “Herman” og er magen til et par, jeg havde sidste år. Måtte smide dem ud, da de var slidt op efter måneders konstant fod-udnyttelse. Fås også i pink og blå og koster 40 pund. Køb dem her.

English: I’m still looking for practical summer sandals, and spotted two more “elastic band” sandals on the Office website (I haven’t seen them in any of the shops yet). First up is the “Herman”. I actually had these last summer and wore them to death. So SO comfortable, so might consider getting them again.  Come in pink and blue as well. Price: 40 pounds. Buy them here.

Photo via office.co.uk

Og så er der dem her, som til forveksling ligner. De hedder “Liv” og er fra mærket Blowfish og koster 35 pund. Fås også i pink og gul. Køb dem her.

English: The second pair are almost identical  but are called “Liv” and from the brand Blowfish. Cost 35 pounds and come in pink and yellow as well. Buy them here.

Photo via office.co.uk