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A gift: Snygg leather jewellery

Hello there. I’m back after a little blogging break…and ahhhh it was nice.

Instead of an outfit post (let’s face it, I’m looking more and more like a tent) I’ll show you a lovely birthday gift I got from a friend in Denmark.

This silver ring with a leather flower is made by Danish designer Vicki Zoé Ziska, the woman behind the brand Snygg. She specialises in leather jewellery and I already own two pairs of her earrings in gold and green,  a bit like these.

This ring is the perfect match for my fat pregnancy-swollen fingers (can’t wear my wedding band at the moment) as the silver ring is expandable. And it adds a bit of oomph to an otherwise boring outfit.

Read more about the designer and check out her jewellery at snygg.dk

The kindness of strangers

The moving boxes are unpacked (almost), the sofa is assembled, the internet connection is sorted…..aaaaand I’m back to blog!

One of the very best things about blogging is the way it connects you to other people, be it readers or other bloggers that you stumble upon as you crawl and trawl through cyberspace. You leave comments, people comment back and sometimes these virtual handshakes lead to real life encounters.  Like my monthly book group, which is hosted by fellow blogger Helena Halme.

And not that very long ago I received a package from Denmark. From a Brit living in Denmark, who had asked about my address so that she could send me some baby books in Danish.

Inside was some marcipanbrød (which disappeared in a second) and these two books about natural childbirth: one from birth guru and social anthropologist Sheila Kitzinger and another one from childbirth specialist Michel Odent.

Those might come in real handy when I lie screaming in the birthing centre at St. Mary’s Hospital, trying to remember why I chose not to have an epidural. Will get back to these when I’ve finished them.

And then there was this gift. A soft one.

I wonder what’s inside…

Ooh, the cutest little helmet hats. They are very popular in Denmark (where mums also put their babies outside to sleep, even in the winter) and apparently you can’t really get those here in the UK.

Now that we know the sex of the baby I guess we’ll have to pass on the pink ones.

Hmmmm, but I wonder if the mint-coloured one will look good on a boy?

I guess so.

ps. thank you again for the lovely gift Babs – hope you stop by for tea soon.