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Bye-bye baby hair

Elliot loves to say “bye-bye” and wave to everything at the moment. We say goodbye to the flowers when we drive past them in the buggy, to doggies behind fences, to playgrounds and people in lifts and of course to daddy when he goes to work in the morning.

Last week he also had to say “bye-bye” to his baby hair. I have waited a long time to do something about it, as cutting it felt like this final rite-of-passage, marking his fast transition from my cuddly little baby to big independent toddler.

But now it was time, as long wispy strands were covering his ears and gathering in the back, making him look like a miniature hillbilly. I thought why take him to a hairdresser when I can do this myself and grabbed a pair of (baby-safe) scissors.

I’m actually quite happy with the end result, considering it only took 3 minutes and I had to practice on a constantly moving target.

Before: The Mad Professor look.


After: The Apt Pupil look.