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Happy Hair Days

Three months after giving birth, my hair started falling out faster than you can say “hair loss”. I guess the hair Elliot’s scalp has been sprouting recently has had to come from somewhere ūüôā

Previously I’d been using the Redken Extreme shampoo & conditioner in the hope that it’d work wonders on my hair. Well, it hasn’t. In fact I think it’s pretty crap, as I’ve spent every morning after the shower, desperately combing through my wet hair trying to detangle it before Elliot got bored of sitting in his bouncy chair.

So now I felt like treating my quickly receding hair line as gently and naturally as possible – no need to nuke the last remaining strands with parabens.

What I needed was a powerful de-frizzing shampoo and conditioner and when I spotted the Happy Hair Days products during my online shopping spree at Sainsburys I was intrigued. I love the quirky bottle designs and the fact that the products don’t contain parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate).

And the price, oooh the price is just fine: £3.99 per bottle. I chose the Blueberry & Pear smoothing shampoo & conditioner and it smells great. But there are many other cool combinations, like the Marshmallow & Coconut one for coloured hair, or the Rosemary & Mint thickening one.

I couldn’t find a website for the Happy Hair Days brand, but you can find them in Sainsbury’s and Boots.

Volume, volume, volume

Mit hår er er fra naturens hånd både glat og tyndt. Det bliver lidt kedeligt i længden, så de sidste mange år har jeg eksperimenteret med diverse hårprodukter, der alle lover volumen af den vilde slags.

Jeg bryder mig ikke om mousse, da det g√łr mit h√•r klistret, s√•¬†¬†jeg har i stedet testet alverdens surfspray/saltvandssprays/hair thickening/root lifting-genren fra Bumble & Bumble, Wella, Sebastian, Kiehl’s, H&M etc. etc…

Foto: Mette Bassett

Min absolutte favorit er for l√¶ngst fundet: det er “Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray” from Aveda. Jeg bruger den i r√łdderne efter f√łnt√łrring¬†.¬†Sprayen har f√łrst en¬†ret kl√¶brig konsistens,¬†men¬†det forsvinder, n√•r den t√łrrer. ¬†Og s√• dufter den fantastisk urteagtigt. Her er et fors√łg p√• at vise resultatet:

Da jeg farver mit h√•r, og det i det hele taget f√•r en temmelig h√•r(d) behandling hver dag, har jeg brug for en god balsam. Her har favoritten det sidste lange stykke tid v√¶ret “Redken Body Full Conditioner”, ¬†som redder mit h√•r fra at klaske.

Foto from http://www.redken.com

English summary: My hair often lacks volume. For the last many years I’ve been testing all the beach hair/volume/surf-sprays I could get my hands on. My absolute favourite is “Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray” from Aveda. I use it in dry hair and spray it on at the roots and under the hair.

I blow dry my hair every day + I colour it so I also need a good conditioner and one that doesn’t make my hair collapse.
Once again I’ve found a favourite that works wonders for my hair:¬†¬†“Redken Body Full Conditioner”.