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Christmas decorations at Orchard Road

Yesterday was a bank holiday, so Sam was home and ordered me to take the day off from toddler wrangling. My first impulse was to hop in a taxi and go window shopping in Singapore’s shopping district around Orchard Road.

I had a great day buying absolutely nothing (2 iPhone covers don’t count, do they?) But I did pick out the perfect wallet in Bottega Veneta (one day you will be mine *rubs hands together*). I also found a great Antipodean coffee place (more about that later) and finished off a perfect day by watching a not too bad horror movie (Apartment 143, if you really want to know).

Here are a few of the wacky decorations, it’s so strange seeing them hang from the green leafy trees and hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner.


And the baubles in SP are of course sponsored by Visa.

This is exactly why Harvey Nichols’ Christmas decorators…

shouldn’t be allowed to work when they’re hung-over (or in a bad mood).