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Feeding frenzy and colourful bibs

Hello there. Soooo, what’s for dinner today?

Elliot has recently dived headfirst into the wonderful and dirty world of baby food. He loves it so much that orange, purple and green purees splatter everywhere.

So what a messy baby needs is a good plastic bib.

Luckily for him his mummi/farmor/grandmother has good taste (and a Finnish background) and Elliot can now eat in style, wearing these plastic-coated cotton bibs from Marimekko.

And I have a thing for monsters, so I had to buy this soft latex (BPA-free!) one where a blue monster gulps up all the goopy gloopy stuff, should it escape Elliot’s mouth.

Only problem is that he loves to turn it upside down and lick it. All the time.

The Marimekko Valpuri and Ruuturouva bibs are designed by Maija Louekari. I couldn’t find any online stockists.

The monster bib is by Babisil and costs 5.99 pounds. Buy it (and check out their other designs) on  Amazon.

Massage that baby – 80s style

When we were in Copenhagen, my lovely mother-in-law gave me this book about baby massage (she always has a book handy for every occasion).

It’s a Danish translation of a book by massage guru, Peter Walker. He’s a physical therapist and yoga teacher and well-known for his developmental baby massage and for having taught over 6.000 certified teachers how to do this.

So I’m pretty sure this  guy knows what he’s doing and I’ll look forward to using it. But there’s an added bonus as it’s from the late 80s which equals funky hairdos:

Some slightly weird drawings.

And a straight-forward invitation to embrace nakedness.

And what baby wouldn’t love a massage from a dad as stylish as this one, with mint green shirt and fluffy hair? (although I must say this particular baby looks almost paralysed with fear).