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Wishlist: Summer sandals

I går begav jeg mig ind til forfærdeligt befærdede Oxford Street, for at tjekke High Street butikkernes og især Topshops skoafdelings udvalg af sommersandaler. Jeg ledte efter et praktisk og behageligt alternativ til mine trofaste (men ikke så kønne) “Jellies” og havde forbudt mig selv overhovedet at overveje plateau og høje wedges.

Jeg prøvede blandt andet denne Nicklin sandal fra Aldo. Koster 40 pund i sort og den grå er på udsalg lige nu på Aldos website.

English: Yesterday I went to the most dreaded place of all, Oxford Street and Top Shop’s shoe department to look for some practical summer sandals. I seriously need a comfortable pair as I always end up wearing my Jellies. High wedges are no-go this time. So, although they are a bit boring,  I might end up getting these Nicklin sandals from Aldo. Price 40 pounds (the grey ones are on sale right now.)

Photo via aldoshoes.com

Prøvede også disse fra Kurt Geiger (Huong 120 pund) men kvaliteten var for dårlig til prisen. De ser faktisk lidt billige ud.

I also tried one these from Kurt Geiger (Huong 120 pounds) but the quality wasn’t that great considering the high price. They actually look a bit cheap.

Photo via kurtgeiger.com

Og jeg prøvede dem her fra Carvela (Klauss, 95 pund),

And I tried these from Carvela, Carvela (Klauss, 95 pounds).

Photo via kurtgeiger.com

Jeg overvejede endda at købe at par sandaler fra Office som var næsten magen til mit favoritpar fra sidste sommer, Aldos “maune”. Office’s nye version har en lavere hæl, så de egner sig bedre til hverdagsbrug. Her er et billede af Aldos version.

I even considered buying a pair from Office that is almost identical to my favourite Aldo suede wedges from last year. Main difference is that these have a lower heel and are more comfortable for everyday use. I can’t find a picture of the Office ones, but here’s Aldo’s old version.

Foto: Aldo

Jeg spottede også ret mange fine på Kurt Geigers velassorterede website. Må kigge forbi butikken senere og prøve dem på. Her er nogle af dem:

I also spotted quite a few nice ones on Kurt Geigers brilliant website, so I think I’ll have to stop by the shop later. Here are some of them:

"Lotus" from KG by Kurt Geiger, 75 pounds. Synthetic material though, so might not be that comfortable. Photo via kurtgeiger.com

Kurt Geiger "Depp", 120 pounds. I quite like the quirky look of these, but would def. need to try them on. Photo via kurtgeiger.com

"Links", KG by Kurt Geiger. 65 pounds. Very nice but not practical enough. Photo via kurtgeiger.com

"Attila", KG by Kurt Geiger, 65 pounds (before: 100). I really like these plus they are on sale, yay!! Photo via kurtgeiger.com

"London", KG by Kurt Geiger, 59 pound (before 85). I like the basic and classic look of these and can imagine myself wearing them all summer. Photo via kurtgeiger.com

Have a look for yourself:

www. kurtgeiger.com



Seven shoes

I recently received a meme from one of my fellow (and favourite) bloggers, the lovely Helena Halme asking to see my 7 favourite pair of shoes. So here they are without further ado and accompanied by the whitest legs alive:

green bertie shoes

Foto: Mette Bassett

Let’s start with the oldest first: I bought these green satin Bertie sandals in Copenhagen around 7 years ago. I love the colour, the retro-look and they are actually super comfortable. I haven’t used them for a long time, but I think I’ll have a green revival this summer.

Foto: Mette Bassett

Next up are these equally old Bruno Magli suede shoes with gold squares on the heels. I found them in a charity shop in Copenhagen many years ago, and they were as good as new. I don’t use them that often anymore but the look quite classy with a simple black dress.

Foto: Mette Bassett

I bought these black patent leather peep toes on sale at Russell & Bromley around three years ago. They are so well-made and comfortable = perfect for a long night out. I’ll never throw them away as they have huge sentimental value –  I wore them when I got married in Las Vegas two years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4vAPzWHk7Q

Foto: Mette Bassett

You can’t really go wrong with a pair of Ferragamo flats/pumps. I love the understated elegance, so when I spotted this patent leather pair in a charity shop I had to buy them. I have another pair with a slightly  higher heel plus croco-pattern.

Foto: Mette Bassett

I am a big fan of Jelly shoes and currently have three pairs: these red ones plus two transparent ones w. gold and silver glitter. They’re definitely not the world’s prettiest shoes (and you might end up with sweaty feet) but you can wear them for 100 days straight without even the smallest signs of blisters.

Foto: Mette Bassett

I’m not normally a fan of Aldo Shoes as I think a lot of their shoes are too high and have too  many flimsy, blingy details. But when I saw a picture of these suede wedge sandals on a fashion blog last summer I had to run for the nearest Aldo store. I still love them and will probably wear them until they fall apart. They are so comfortable and I love the edgy look.

Foto: Mette Bassett

I love my Balenciaga sandals. I don’t usually spend to much money on shoes, as I prefer to spend the big amounts on handbags + I tend to abuse my shoes and would feel bad if they were too expensive. So I try to find the more expensive designer shoes on sale or in charity shops. I bought these in the brilliant outlet The Mall in Italy (read about my visit to The Mall here) where they only cost me 115 Euros. They are almost sculpture-like and super comfortable – I recently wore them at a big and very long wedding in Bangkok.

Oh….and if I were to mention an 8th pair it would definitely be these Jeffrey Campbell wedges, they’re my newest favourites.

I’m probably supposed to pass on this meme, but I have a work deadline I better get back to, so that must be some other time 🙂