Monthly Archives: April 2013

His favourite things

Elliot’s favourite things at the moment are: watching cars and trucks drive past and dipping fries in mayo.

‘More’ he’ll shout at me whenever there is a let up in the traffic or the mayo moves too far away from his sight.


And how lovely it is to have a partner-in-crime on the fries & mayo front as it’s one of my guilty pleasures (husband is more of a ketchup guy and gags just looking at the white condiment).


Yesterday we went to pick up Elliot’s new passport….


and decided to treat ourselves afterwards.


That meant a whole lot of standing at the roadside watching vehicles whisk by while trying to get those elusive fries in the mouth. It was toddler multi-tasking at its finest.







And a happy toddler = a happy mum.

I love seeing the world through his eyes as it’s all about music and movement and the magic of the moment. It’s about stopping for ten minutes to look at ants (or ‘myrer’ – one of the only Danish words Elliot says), about chasing rainbow-coloured butterflies (deddledeees), turning on fans (roundandround) and picking every flower (wower) on our way.

Toddler life is also about temper tantrums and hissy fits and not wanting to put on your shoes, but that’s a whole other story.



Officially old

So I guess I’m officially old. I have bought my first pair of ultra comfy extra-cushioned Clarks shoes and that’s proof enough.

I remember reading about how people couldn’t fit into their old shoes after pregnancy.

I naively thought that they would grow longer, not wider. Boy was I wrong. See apparently all the ligaments in your body soften and stretch in anticipation of the birth. Which means that my earlier so slimline and narrow feet now resemble two flatfish (I’m also pretty sure this is nature’s revenge for all the times I’ve teased my mum with her feet).

And you can’t just squeeze two flatfish into tight sky high stilettos without squashing them into oblivion.

So I guess Clarks, Ecco and whatever all those feet friendly shoe places are called will be where I’ll be handing over my credit card in the future.



There’s one good thing about that though: Elliot and I can go shoe shopping together, and so we did. He came home with a pair of lovely brown Clarks sandals. 20130423-145730.jpg


I hope this post doesn’t look too weird. It’s written on my phone as Elliot decided to water my computer.