Hot update

I know, it’s been a while. And things have changed a bit since I last blogged. In September we packed all our London belongings and went to Denmark to spend a few weeks with friends and family before hopping on a plane to Singapore. Sam is now working for ILM and we are going to spend the next year here.

And here’s the proof: Elliot and I, freshly arrived:

And here I am pouring my new favourite drink, pearl milk tea, (so yummy, more about it later) down the front of my dress. Apparently jetlag makes you really clumsy.

What more is there to say. Oh yes, they have Cheetos here. And it’s hot and humid and their cheddar is really crap. But hey, they’ve got gazillions of flowers, fans and butterflies, which makes Elliot extremely happy.

I hope to be posting more regularly now as we’ve set up a Tumblr blog where we’ll post quick updates and photos for friends and family ( and I’ll redirect the posts here.

Hopefully I’ll find the time to write longer posts for the blog too. I doubt that they’ll be about second-hand shopping though as this city is pretty hopeless when it comes to that (I’m still in shock after my encounter with the local thrift shop *shudders*).  But who knows, I might still have some second-hand treasures hidden in my humid closet 🙂

2 responses to “Hot update

  1. Welcome back to blogging! I am excited to see how you will find living in Singapore! Hopefully you will be back in London in a year. I finally make my move to London at that time 🙂

  2. Thank you! Oh, the big London move, that sounds so exciting. And yes, will probably be back then.

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