Well, hello there!

Wow, it’s been a while. *Blows dust and baby drool off the computer keyboard*. I hope you’re still out there somewhere. I’m sitting here, home alone while husband is away at a wrap party and Elliot is snoring gently in the bedroom. Trying to kickstart my brain and string together a few sentences, or maybe just a few words that can sum up the last five months.

Basically I’ve been dedicating all my (many!) waking hours to keeping this little fella happy:

This has meant: a helluva lot of breastfeeding, internet shopping, incontrollable chocolate & ice cream cravings, diaper changes en masse, 3 x mastitis, tears of joy and despair, tantrums (mainly mine), 1 x tongue-tie diagnosis, 1 x tongue-tie release, sleepless nights, walks in the park, baby smiles & laughter, caffeine binges, hair-loss and yo-yo’ing hormones.

Add to that a love greater than anything I could ever have imagined, and you might understand why this blog has been a teeny tiny bit neglected.

In the meantime I’ve been keeping up with all the blogs I normally read, and recently I’ve missed my own and been thinking about what to do with it. There won’t be any more “dressing the bump”s. But I guess I could do some “dressing the blob”. Or not.

What I do have is a few second-hand finds I could show you…and who knows, the whole thing might just turn a bit more personal and baby-friendly.

Anyways, it’s nice to be back. Stay tuned.

2 responses to “Well, hello there!

  1. Cecilie Torjussen

    Nice to see you back blogging, Mette! It looks like you’ve succeeded when it comes to keeping little Elliot happy. Already into his books, I can tell. But tell him not to turn them upside down! 😉

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