Dressing the bump – rainbow summer dress

I bought this rainbow cotton dress many years ago in one of my favourite second-hand shops in Copenhagen. It cost around 8 pounds.

I love the bold and bright colours as you can’t help but feeling cheerful when you wear it, and it’s perfect for hot and humid summer days where you need a bit of ventilation under your skirt.

I remember thinking that someday this would make a great maternity dress, as it can accommodate even the biggest of bumps, so the other day I decided to give it a try.

I’m wearing it with a ribbon tied around it, to make sure that I wouldn’t be mistaken for a ginormous tent

2 responses to “Dressing the bump – rainbow summer dress

  1. Den er for lækker! Og hvor ser det bare skønt ud med sol på altanen 🙂

    • tak tak. billederne er taget for en uges tid siden, da vejret stadig var pragtfuldt. nu blæser det ad H til, sådan lidt Nordjyllands-vestenvinds-agtigt 🙂

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