Dressing the bump – Japanese polka dots

I had a dinner date with some friends in East London last week. And with all the young hipsters running around in that part of town old Mette kinda felt the pressure to retro-dress-up the bump a bit.

Looking in my closet the options were very limited, but then I remembered this dark blue polka dot dress with puff sleeves, which has a very high waist. I bought it ages ago in a second-hand shop in Japan for around 3 pounds.

But the big question was: could I squeeze the bump into it?

I could. So I chose to ignore the fact, that it’s made from 100% polyester and left for a lovely dinner at one of my favourite East London restaurants, Lennie’s Snack Bar.

Here I’m wearing it with a pair of studded ankle boots from Topshop to make it less dressy.

6 responses to “Dressing the bump – Japanese polka dots

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, so lovely to see the bump growing so fast!

  2. Fantastic! I love your style.

  3. Mette, you’ve done it again. I adore polka dots and made myself put back a vintage Magasin polka dot skirt in a genbrugs the other day, because I asked myself: do i need one more polka dot garment? Now i see you looking so fine, I can answer, I did need one more, can’t have enough of a good thing!

    • Nooo, never put back a polka dot garment, that’s a crime!

      Polka dots always put me in really good mood. Definitely can’t get too much of that. (I read this silly comment the other day where some woman stated that polka dots are only for very young girls. Just had to shake my head in disbelief at that, tsk tsk.)

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