The Coffee Tree in Maida Vale

After having moved from Randolph Avenue to Elgin Avenue we’re now a tiny bit closer to Shirland Road.

So when local tweeters Lord Elgin and Alex mentioned the opening of a new coffee and pastry shop next to a hardware shop I decided to combine my hunt for a new broom with a caffeine & cake fix.

This charming coffee shop is tastefully decorated with raw wood panels and bright red lamps and a small selection of Italian coffee, olive oil etc. on display. A very welcome addition amongst the street’s Lebanese restaurants, Indian take-aways and run-down fastfood joints.

I ordered a large latte to go (£1.90 – double shot doesn’t cost extra) + a brownie (£2) and the friendly owner threw in a mini-muffin when he found out that I was a local blogger. Or who knows, maybe he just gives them out to all new customers…

As soon as I saw the lovely leaf-shaped pattern on the coffee my expectations rose and I half expected something along the lines of the wonderful flat whites they serve at Flat White in Soho or at Kopapa.

I must admit I was a bit dissappointed. The coffee was too watery and didn’t taste of a whole lot.  I’m not sure what to blame: the Danesi beans, the machine or maybe the fat content of the milk? Still better than Starbucks though.

But the pastries were to die for, especially the brownies. I haven’t had a brownie as good as this in a long time. Moist, heavy and dark, rich chocolatey.

So while the coffees leave room for improvement, the cakes and the friendly service are definitely worth the trip to Shirland Road if you’re in the area.

The Coffee Tree
215 Shirland Road
W9 3JP London

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3 responses to “The Coffee Tree in Maida Vale

  1. Elgin Avenue? What a beautiful area to live!

    I thought he might have thrown in the free muffin when he found out you were pregnant – gotta give sustenance to the next generation of caffeine fiends! 😉

    • Haha, maybe that was the real reason.

      And yes, Elgin Avenue is amazing. Every Monday morning I’m woken up by the Royal Horse Artillery parading past our bedroom window…

  2. The Coffee Tree is my regular coffee stop just over the road from the Practice! When I get a break between patients or need a quick lunch it is ideal —– amazing cafe MOCHA with a toasted sandwich —The Owner is always offering new tastes and everything is fresh….local people meet and chat ……great atmosphere and relaxing too! Just what this part of W9 needed!
    … I even suggest that anyone who comes early for their treatment appointment pops over to the Coffee TREE! My new waiting room!

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