Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

The snuggliest of dressing gowns for a soon-to-be desperate housewife

As you might have noticed, the fashion content on this blog has been sliding downhill like a growing snowball for a while. Comfort has won the battle against vanity. And second-hand shopping is no fun when nothing really fits the bump.

And here is what it has finally come to, in the grey shape of my latest buy:

A velour tracksuit/dressing gown combo!

I had no idea this mutant existed before I found myself fondling the soft miracle in good ol’ Marks & Spencer. I had been looking for a more traditional frotté dressing gown/bath robe but decided that I was sick and tired of their bulky shape, not to forget that annoying belt that always seems to come undone.

No such problem with this darling as it unzips from both ends. There is simply nothing better than jumping into it in the morning + after a long day wearing uncomfortable tights.

And for some reason I feel more “dressed” in this than a traditional gown, it might be because of zipper and the sporty hood. Fact of the matter is that I wouldn’t be too embarrassed if I had to answer the door wearing this.

Have you decided that you just can’t live without one of these? Good, then go ahead and buy it here (where it has received raving reviews). It also comes in navy blue and you have to choose between two lengths. Mine is the long one. Costs £35.

And it’s perfect for lazy weekends. Have a lovely weekend everyone!