Dressing the bump – black and blue dots

HAHA! I found another two items in my wardrobe that still fit.

Strangely enough I’m not really into (second-hand) clothes shopping at the moment, so I get very excited when I discover that I can squeeze the bump into old stuff from my closet.

Like this black & blue dotted top, bought from a second-hand shop on Edgware Road ages ago for around £10. (I’m also wearing it here in a non-pregnant state).

I’ve paired it with an old H&M zip-up skirt which fit the bump after I stretched the seams until they started popping…..woops.

I really like the puff sleeves and cheerful dots on this hand-loomed sweater and the fact that the look changes, chameleon-style, from black-on-blue to blue-on-black dots, depending on what side you’re facing.

6 responses to “Dressing the bump – black and blue dots

  1. You know what, I think you must be one of the most stylish preggers ladies I have ever seen. Pregnancy really becomes you and YOUR STYLE ROCKS! That top is am-ay-zing.

  2. I agree, pregnancy really suits you – you look great IRL too! It was great to see you yesterday, hope you enjoy the book.

    Helena xx

  3. Enig med de andre. Du er SÅ stylish, at du ved det. Og elsker da bare de pufærmer….alle bluser burde have pufærmer!

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