Dressing the bump: new from H&M

So, the other day I finally reached a state of “oh my god I don’t have ANYTHING to wear”. I needed a quick fix and didn’t have enough patience nor time to rummage through numerous charity shops.

So instead I headed straight for the always helpful and cheap H&M, and apart from maternity leggings and tights (oh boy, are they comfortable) I came back with these three items in my shopping bag.

Neither of them are from the boring maternity range, I’ve simple bought a bigger size.

First up is this oversized grey polyester *shudder* poncho/sweater. It comes in off-white and dark blue as well. Price £14.99. I’ve paired it with a wool skirt, Carvela wedges and an old plastic necklace from a Wood-Wood fashion show.

I love this long cotton dress because of its crazy animal print-like pattern. And because it was reduced to £10 from £24.99.

Last up is this beige and black striped cotton dress. It’s very stretchy and sooo comfortable. It cost £14.99. Here I’m wearing it with a second-hand necklace and my beloved Shoe Biz boots.

7 responses to “Dressing the bump: new from H&M

  1. I’m sure you’ll look amazing all through your pregnancy.

    Sydney’s women are very good at looking flash in their pregnancies. I often see women in well cut, nicely patterned, form fitting dresses and classy flats right until the end of their pregnancies. You show those Londoners how it’s done!

  2. YAY! Congratulations!! Grattis Grattis Grattis!
    I was gonna say let’s hook up for a beer soon, but perhaps we should make that a tea instead!

    • Thank you Ulrika. And yes would be lovely to meet up soon, we could invite Rohit and Cecilie too.

      You can have pints and I’ll just have a lovely juicy yummy lemonade (am trying to convince myself here) 🙂

  3. You have great style. It’s so difficult to pull off stripes, but you have done it with an A+!

    • thank you Babs.
      It’ so funny because normally I hate stripes, I just instantly loved this dress. Must be because it’s so comfortable, or maybe pregnancy has just mellowed me…

  4. Fantastiskt att ha en ny “kroppsdel” att framhäva, haha! Tusen grattis förresten!

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