Dressing the bump: second-hand Diane von Furstenberg dress

The observant reader may have noticed that this blog has taken a slight turn away from second-hand shopping towards comfort-food, comfortable footwear and cakes recently.

As a result I now have a baby bump to show for it (and a scanning just confirmed that it aint just a food baby :-))

Dressing the growing bump is becoming more and more difficult and I’ve had to sort through my closet to dig out everything oversized and stretchy and hide away anything with a waist.

I’m not a big fan of the high street shop’s maternity ranges (too cutesy and unimaginative) so I’m trying to make do with stuff from my closet for as long as possible.

Tonight I’m meeting up with some friends in Soho and I felt like wearing something cheerful. So I decided to see if I could still squeeze into this Diane von Furstenberg dress that I bought in Chiswick for £40 last year (here’s how it looked back then).

I made it into the dress and will enjoy wearing it tonight as I know it’ll become too small very soon.

9 responses to “Dressing the bump: second-hand Diane von Furstenberg dress

  1. What a lovely bumb, congratulations! You do look absolutely glowing
    and the dress looks perfect on you.

  2. Yay! Congrats!! You’re in for a ride!

    Det bliver så skønt 😀

  3. OMGoodness! What fantastic news! You look absolutely radiant 🙂

  4. Oooh, congratulations! That is so exciting for you and Sam, I smiled an enormous smile as I read your post. What a lucky, beautiful baby you will have!

    Good luck avoiding the high street maternity wear 😉 Why do those stores think fat women and pregnant women hate fashion and love unnatural fabrics? Blergh.

    • Thank you so much Liam. We’re very excited. Had the first scan last week and it was an amazing experience 🙂

      And yeah, I had a look in H&M’s maternity section last week and it was so boooooring. Apparently you’re only supposed to wear loose fabrics in conservative cuts, douce colours and cheerful patterns & stripes while pregnant.

      I say why not bring out the leopard print, leather, lace and crazy patterns!

  5. Lovely. When I was pregnant (all of 20 and more years ago) there was only one company selling maternity wear and it was awful – so I just bought larger sizes of various dresses. My only problem was trousers which I had to buy from the so called specialists.

    Can’t wait to see you & your bump.

    Helena xx

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