Warm and fuzzy feet – last minute gift idea

Are you still running around looking for that last Christmas present for the person who has everything – with terror in your eyes and cold sweat trickling down your back?

If so here’s an idea. My mum gave me these softer-than-soft lambskin slippers when I was in Denmark and they’ve been glued to my feet ever since (when I’m indoors that is). I haven’t had a pair like this since childhood but boy have I missed them.

You can buy similar ones at Skindhuset in Copenhagen (or in most Danish shoes stores and even supermarkets). The non-Scandi version looks a bit different and you can find them here.

One response to “Warm and fuzzy feet – last minute gift idea

  1. Deffo a must have. I like them with messy fringes of the skin around the ankle, but I can’t find that style here in the DK any more. They were around about ten years ago, and now I can’t even find a picture of them to illustrate what I mean.

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