My new practical black boots

The last couple of years I’ve realised that I’ve become an old woman, – at least when it comes to footwear.

When I was in my 20s and living in Copenhagen I was armed with a bicycle and able to run around in high heels most of the time. My closet is still filled with 30 pairs of pumps and stilettos from that period, as I would stock up on them every time I spotted a great pair in a charity shop.

But fast forward to today and these lovelies hardly ever see the light of day or the pavement. The distances are so much bigger here in London and my poor feet would be torn to shreds after an hour in high heels.

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for practical, simple and comfortable boots to supplement my Carvela wedges in these shoe-abusing snowy times. I’ve had a hard time finding boots like that in London as most of them are too high, flimsy or filled with ugly shiny buckles and zippers.

Luckily the Scandinavian designers have a knack for making minimalist boots in sturdy and downplayed designs. I instantly spotted these Shoe Biz leather boots while in Copenhagen last week. Shoe Biz is Danish shoe brand Gardenia’s younger and cheaper range that focuses on wearable and comfortable shoes.

I’ve been wearing them ever since, through sleet and snow and they’re just perfect. The fit like a glove, are easy to walk in and I love how the subtle rubber wedge adds a bit of height. Price 799 DKK (£90). Buy them here.

4 responses to “My new practical black boots

  1. I LIKE!

    They have a 1940’s vibe. I don’t care what Vintage Purists will say, I SEE 1940’s movie star in those boots 🙂

  2. Wow I have this exact same problem in London. None of my shoes are waterproof and for some reason shops lose all sense of style when they make anything waterproof. I can’t seem to find anything without garish colours, tassles, glitter or tartan. Please please tell me that these ARE waterproof..?

  3. They are! Well, they’re leather and I guess leather is never 100% waterproof. But this isn’t just normal leather, it’s been treated in some way so that it almost resembles the material tires are made of.

    I sprayed them w. a protection spray but only after having worn them for a week in DK – not a drop of water got through. Plus the are SO comfortable.

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