Cold Christmas Copenhagen by night

The cold Copenhagen weather has turned evil and given me a bad cold. Add to that my constant running around town to catch up with good old friends and the poor blog has had to suffer a bit.

But I have four new Denmark-themed posts in the pipeline. One about my new practical black boots, another about where to find Copenhagen’s best shawarmas and then two about my favourite cafés.

But today I’ll leave you with a few pictures of cold, cold Copenhagen by night.

4 responses to “Cold Christmas Copenhagen by night

  1. I still think Copenhagen is beautiful. I’ve been only once as a teenager but have always wanted to revisit – it’s just too close to Stockholm & Helsinki!

    Have a Lovely Christmas and New Year and hope both your cold and the cold weather passes. xx

    PS. Hope you are enjoying ‘What I Loved’?

  2. Copenhagen is very beautiful. And I actually love it when it’s covered in snow in the winter. Especially because everyone has double-glazed windows here which means that all the flats are warm and cozy (unlike ours in London).

    A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you too Helena. I look forward to see you in January. Now I’ll go lie on the sofa with “What I Loved”, I’m half-way through it and still loving it.

  3. Mette, you’re making my heart ache! I had a few lovely meals in a cafe you can glimpse in the first picture.

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts. Danish cafes are great – second only to Australian ones! And the Scandies are surprisingly good at shawarmas – I had the best one of my life in Stockholm.

    • Ahh, you ate at the Paludan bogcafé? That’s a nice place.

      I guess Danish cafes are pretty good, you just have to know which ones to go to as some of them have horrible, horrible service. But it really annoys me that you always have to order in the bar.

      And omnomnomnomnom don’t get me started on the shawarma subject. I could actually eat one right now 🙂

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