From Finland with love

Apparently it’s Hug a Finn Day today.

Sadly I don’t have any Finns close enough to hug them today but I did hug two of them last week, when Sam’s cousin and her boyfriend visited us.

And they brought us the loveliest presents, all made in Finland of course. First up are these fabulous Iittala tea mugs. This series is designed by Klaus Haapaniemi and called Satumetsä which means “fable forest”. I just love the fairytale’esque design.

And then there are these Moomin pillow cases. I think it’s the nicest ones I’ve ever seen and am sure I’ll sleep even better when I rest my head on this sleepy Moomintroll (I’m glad it isn’t angry Little My on it, as I’m sure I wouldn’t sleep as well then).

Finlayson makes a lot of different Moomin duvet covers and pillow cases etc. Check them out here.

Oh, and we also got some Karl Fazer milk chocolate. So much better than Cadbury. They’re quickly disappearing and even Sam, who normally hates milk chocolate, has been seen eating them.

3 responses to “From Finland with love

  1. I love my Finland friends 🙂

    AMAZING cup design.

  2. Hehe, my girlfriend laughs at me for being scared of Little My. I guess the Moomin is getting some kind of revival (at least in the UK) but I haven’t seen them since I was a kid and more than remembering the Moomins I remember being scared of Little My. I would not want her on my pillow.

    • Hehe, I was so scared of Little My too. And I seem to remember being even more scared of this furry black thing hiding under the bed, but can’t remember what it’s called…

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