Daily Archives: November 25, 2010

Pizza by the metre at Made in Italy

Sometimes all you want is half a metre of mozzarella-loaded woodfired Neapolitan pizza.

But good Italian pizzas are hard to come by in London. Our all-time favourite place used to be Spacca Napoli in Dean Street and I was heartbroken when it had to close earlier this year due to the Crossrail project.

But I promptly stopped crying over spilled pizza when the husband recently took me to Made in Italy in Old Compton Street. He already knew the restaurant as he’d been taken there for lunch by an Italian colleague (I see that as a HUGE stamp of approval).

This restaurant is part of the Made in Italy group that specialise in authentic “pizzametro” (although this one weirdly enough isn’t mentioned on their website).

We had parmigiana (oven-baked layers of aubergine w. mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil) for starter and after that we both had pizza. Each pizza is 25 cm, so if you want to try two different toppings, you simply order 50 cm. They also have quite a lot of pasta and meat dishes. Take a look at their menu.

I really liked the food (the pizzas are almost as good as Spacca Napoli) and the atmosphere which is laid-back, buzzing and cosy. Prices are low (£6.50 for the parmigiana, £4.50-10.50 per 25 cm pizza) and the staff is lovely and even provided me with a “doggy-box” to take the remaining pizza home in.

Made in Italy, 14A Old Compton Street, full details and map.