Who wore it best? – Sparkly gold Jaeger blazer

I bought this sparkly Jaeger blazer in one of my favourite Danish charity shops many years ago. I can’t remember the exact price, but it was probably between £5-10. I’ve only ever worn it once and that was at a Christmas party last year (evidence to the left).

So when we got invited to a “Bling”-themed party it was time to pull this little darling out of the closet again. All was well, and I felt well-prepared for the party.

But that was only until the husband snatched it and decided that it looked better on him. Let’s have a little side-by-side comparison:

And I of course had to agree! Must be the way he so trendily has puffed up the sleeves. So off he went to the party, looking like a slightly deranged Las Vegas magician (he did decide to leave the 3D glasses at home though).

And I was left with the second-best option: SILVER, in the shape of this oversized second-hand top which I also found in a Danish charity shop many years ago.

8 responses to “Who wore it best? – Sparkly gold Jaeger blazer

  1. Fabulous!

  2. I love that jacket! It really does suit Sam though 🙂 Your silver top is a good runner-up.

    • Thanks Liam. And yes, he was looking quite dapper, so I’ll probably force him to wear it again.

      Btw I’m half-way through The Slap and really liking it so far. And I have learned quite a few useful Aussie words, like “arvo”, “bogan” and “doona” 🙂

  3. Fun couple!

    Re: The Slap. I read it and enjoyed it very much as well.

  4. Hr. og Fru Glitter. 🙂

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