Autumn leaves and Halloween

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the autumn colours as as much as this year. I just can’t stop admiring the green, brown and yellow leaves that seem to have set London’s streets on fire.

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday, where we walked from Maida Vale to Odeon in Swiss Cottage to watch The Social Network (great movie btw which I urge you to see) and killed time before the film with a little detour through the picturesque Belsize Park area.

On our way home from the movie, the streets were filled with tiny ghosts, witches, ghouls and monsters, laughing pumpkins and smiling mums, waiting in the open doors with bowls of colourful candy. Lovely.

4 responses to “Autumn leaves and Halloween

  1. Lovely pictures, Mette. I too have been admiring the colours this year while walking the dog. xx

  2. Lovely photos. I fell in love with this area a couple of weeks ago and fantasized about moving to St. Johns Wood or the surrounding area. A girl can dream, I guess!

  3. Thanks.
    I’ve just recently discovered the Belsize Park area and just love it. Wouldn’t mind living there in a big old house some day scurries out the door to buy lotto ticket.

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