Second-hand find: Animal print jacket

Who can resist a face like this?

I, for one, couldn’t. Although I was a bit taken aback when I located the £ 29.99 price tag on this jacket in the Oxfam shop in St. John’s Wood yesterday. Just because I have a soft spot for animal print doesn’t mean they can charge whatever they want.

But this being the reputable charity Oxfam and all, I decided to cough up the money, and the cute tiger face peeking out between the stripes and dots definitely helped win me over. Plus it’s made in viscose and very lightweight and comfortable. Its thin thermal lining makes it perfect for this tricky autumn-winter transition period.

Second-hand guide to St. John’s Wood

3 responses to “Second-hand find: Animal print jacket

  1. Looks great on the hanger, and even better on you! I love the puffiness of the sleeves.

  2. Thanks Liam. I really like it, although I had to remove a pair of giga shoulder pads before wearing it. Animal prints + shoulder pads is just too lethal a combi.

    Btw, I’ve joined a book club, and we’re going to read Christos Tsiolkas’s The Slap. Looking forward to that one because of your recommendation of Dead Europe! xx

  3. Aah, The Slap was the last book I read for book club! It;s not without its problems, but its a very interesting read.

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