Daily Archives: October 19, 2010

Second-hand find: black suede fringe boots

Earlier today I was traipsing up to Kilburn High Road to have lovely lunch at the ultra-cheap Thai restaurant Spicy Basil, and of course I couldn’t resist quickly popping into the area’s best charity shop, Traid. I headed straight for the shoe section and for the first time in many months I “got lucky” in that department.

Buying shoes in second-hand stores is tricky. First of all they need to be in pristine condition as I’m a lot more picky about used shoes than clothes. You can’t just chuck them into a washing machine, and in general other people’s smelly feet are repulsive. Secondly, I’m a size 38 (5) and that’s a popular size that sells really fast.

But but BUT, as we all know good second-hand finds come to those who wait and keep coming back, and waiting for me today was this pair of unused suede boots. I like the fringes as they’re not overpowering and best of all: they’re flat and comfortable and perfect for London winter walks. The tag  said 15.99 but the nice guy behind the register took a look at them and said: “I think that’s too expensive. You can have them for 13 pounds.”

That’s what I call service. (and no, I don’t have purple legs, I’m wearing tights).

Second-hand find: Pink Louis Féraud shirt

Sometimes you need to brighten up your day with a splash of pink. This Louis Féraud shirt (unfortunately it’s polyester, not silk) cost me around 5 pounds in one of the second-hand shops in Chiswick.