Early embrace of The Christmas Spirit

Photo: Wendy Piersall (flickr)

Something strange happens to me every year, when autumn winds and chilly temperatures start to sweep the streets. I get into this crazy Christmassy mood, almost like my body and senses have been invaded by the Christmas spirit of my childhood (yes, I probably watch too many horror movies).

Everywhere I go I can hear jingle bells, see the snow falling and smell the orange pomanders. Oooh, and I wouldn’t mind some glögg with klejner, pebernødder and jødekager.

And then puffff! it goes away as quickly as it came and it doesn’t return in another year, not even once in December.

So, when I heard the Chrismas Spirit knocking on my door last week and then again this morning, I promply decided to dig out my most Christmassy second-hand sweaters, red and gold of course, and now I just need to find an orange/clove scented candle so I can embrace the fuzzy cosy feeling while it lasts…

First up is this red “Snow-Lotus” cashmere sweater. It’s incredibly soft and has mother-of-pearl buttons. 6 pounds in Bayswater second-hand shop.

Next up is this “Convair” gold metallic sweater. 3 pounds in Bayswater second-hand shop.

And last up is this home-knitted gold sweater, that I bought many years ago in a second-hand shop in Denmark. I came with a knitted gold skirt for that perfect over-the-top glittery gold look. But when I got home I realised why it ended up in the second-hand shop: there was a huge red wine (or could it be gløgg, hmmm?) stain down the front of the skirt. Oh well, at least the Christmas-drunk woman missed the sweater…

4 responses to “Early embrace of The Christmas Spirit

  1. There’s something about Autumn that is more festive that December. I do the cloves in orange thing about now too, then I put them in a paper bag until the end of November. The stink up the farm good.

    I love your pics of London by the way, and your charity shop finds. Makes me feel homesick.

  2. thanks for your comment…. I’m a big fan of your blog by the way. you’re spot-on about so many things in Denmark. Sad but true.

    I was busy reading through your archives (while laughing loudly inside) last month when all of a sudden it was set to private. glad to see it’s open again! x

  3. I am sincerely flattered that you would appreciate what I put up on my blog. My writing style on matters other than Denmark is a lot less caustic, but the blog is necessary to challenge the bigotry that abounds in DK. It is meant to be funny though, so I am glad you got a laugh out of it. 🙂

    That home knitted gold knit is a super find. Denmark is still pretty good for ‘genbrug’ clothing finds (but yeah, i often notice wine stains!). I always make out like a bandit. The prices are generally lower than Brit charity shops, and it is rare to have to fight over items because there is seldom anyone else in other than desperate foreign families hoping to find shoes for their kids.

  4. Caustic is good – at least when it’s as well written and funny as your blog. I seriously haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, I even had to read a few posts aloud for my husband.

    Humour aside, you put forward a lot of issues (racism, rudeness, the spoiled brat attitude etc.) that needs to be openly discussed if Denmark is ever to change towards something better. The longer I am away from DK the more shocked I am when I return and hear people openly use words like “kinamand”, “japser”, “neger” and “muhammed i kiosken” about other people as if that’s totally ok. And don’t get me started on the crap, passive-aggressive service in shops and cafés.

    All these things makes me very sad and angry, as DK is my home country and I don’t want it to be like that. So thanks for writing your blog, it shows that you care. x

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