Wardrobe collapse – a shopaholic’s worst nightmare


You know you have too much clothes (or really crappy wardrobe facilities) when you hear a strange noise from the bedroom, runs in to investigate and is faced with this:

(note to self: next flat we move to must have a walk-in closet).

6 responses to “Wardrobe collapse – a shopaholic’s worst nightmare

  1. Hehe..god undskyldning for at få et walk-in closet. 😉 Tror heller ikke at jeg kende andre (okay måske en enkel), som har lige så meget tøj som dig. 🙂

  2. ja ikke sandt? for der er jo no way at jeg kan sortere ud i tøjet 🙂

  3. Narj da, det vil være alt for stort et arbejde. Nemmere at flytte til et større sted. 😉 Hvad er det for et grimt grønt uhyre der er vist ud for min kommentar?

  4. det er fordi du ikke har valgt en avatar. jeg har valgt at folk uden avatars får vist et monsterbillede: http://en.support.wordpress.com/avatars/

  5. Oh, Mette, I am in the same danger zone here in the new flat. The wardrobe is tiny and while we await the fitting of a new one, I have an awful moment of anticipation every time I try to jam another piece of clothing on the rail.

    You have my full sympathy. xx

  6. thanks Helena. it actually made me feel quite bad, like it’s accusing me of over-shopping or something. all I ever do is support a few charity shops 😉

    hope yours hangs in there until the new one arrives.

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