Second-hand find: off-white Sheilagh Brown wool coat

I let my hands run up-and down this thin wool coat in the Oxfam charity shop in Highgate, caressed the soft and smooth fabric, tried it on, put it back, almost walked out the shop and then ended up trying it on again and finally buying it. Price 11 pounds.

The thing was: I instantly knew this was a top quality jacket but couldn’t really justify buying another off-white wool coat, as I already own these two.

But I’m very glad I did. Especially after having done what is one of my favourite things about second-hand shopping: Googling the designer. I’d never heard of Sheilagh Brown before but it  turns out she’s one of the British Biggies. She had her own London brand back in the 70s and was the famous hat maker/milliner Philip Treacy’s tutor at the RCA.

If you want to know more about her I can recommend this inspiring interview video, where she talks about her life as a fashion designer back in the good old days where Mick Jagger would come and lie on big pillows and smoke in her shop.

And best of all: it’s getting cold here in London, so I can start wearing it soon!

3 responses to “Second-hand find: off-white Sheilagh Brown wool coat

  1. I love it! I was going to buy a grey cotton cardigan with a similar cut a few weeks ago, but walked away from it because of the £150 price tag. But goddamn, it was beautiful…

  2. 150 pounds, what were they thinking! I think you have to pop back to London and do a charity shop tour with me instead.

    what’s Sydney like charity shopping wise?

    • Well, it was a new item, a very flashy designer one.

      Sydney’s charity shops aren’t very good =( We have some good vintage boutiques, but the prices are high compared to London. We just don’t have the charity shop culture of London – it’s something that I really miss.

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