Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

Second-hand find: Old School Poncho

When I was a kid I would flick through our family album and see my mum run around in a brown, black and white wool poncho back in the late 70s. Years later when I was in my late teens wool ponchos were all the rage again and I turned to my mum: “What did you do with that old poncho of yours? Can I have it?” I made her feel real bad as she had given it to the charity shop ages ago, thinking that ugly thing would never come back in fashion.

Imagine how proud she was when she later found this one in pristine condition in the local charity shop. She paid 5 kroner for it (50 p) and sent it to me in Copenhagen. I’ve worn it ever since (well, on and off that is). It’s 100% wool, comfy and warm and some nice woman once put a helluva lot of effort into knitting it.

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