Shopping ennui – What I wore


Jeg har vist gang i en slags tøjdepression. I hvert fald har jeg været voldsomt uinspireret på tøjfronten det senest stykke tid. Er totalt træt af sommertøj og bare ben, og så har jeg besluttet mig for ikke at købe noget nyt, da skabet allerede bugner. Samtidig gider jeg heller ikke eksperimentere og lege med det jeg har, og genbrugsbutikkerne siger mig heller ikke noget for tiden (hallo, så er der seriøst noget galt!).

Tror at det hænger sammen med at det kan svært at se pointen i at “dresse up” når man arbejder hjemmefra, hvor ingen løfter et øjenbryn hvis jeg sidder foran computeren iført morgenhår og joggingbukser.

Når jeg endelig skal ud, som i dag hvor jeg skal ned til Waterloo og undervise, så vælger jeg ofte det enkleste jeg kan finde i skabet. Det blev så til en omgang sort/hvid. Krydser fingre for at tøjglæden snart vender tilbage men glæder mig samtidig over, hvor få penge jeg bruger for tiden 🙂

Lately I’ve been strangely uninspired when it comes to outfits and clothes in general. I’m a bit sick and tired of summer clothes, bare feet and dresses and I’ve decided not to buy any high-street items as I already have a stuffed closet and always end up not really using the new things I buy. And the charity shops aren’t really calling my name at the moment either (quelle horreur!).

But mainly I don’t feel like experimenting with what I have in the closet. I guess when you work from home, no one notices what you wear anyways, so why bother taking off those comfy sweatpants.

And when I have to actually go somewhere, like today when I’m going down to Waterloo to teach, I just grab the simplest outfit I can find. Today’s theme ended up being black and white. Exciting stuff. Fingers crossed my shopping gusto and playfulness will be back from holiday soon (although this shopping ennui is doing wonders for my finances 🙂


4 responses to “Shopping ennui – What I wore

  1. Even your less-inspired outfits look unique and glamourous! Don’t get too down on yourself, Mette 😉

    How is your freelance career going?

  2. Awww, thanks Liam. That already made me feel a lot better.

    Freelance career is ok, I’ve been enjoying the summer and not been all that proactive to be honest. I’m looking to do some more teaching as well, as I really enjoy it – I’m teaching David and Adam at the moment and they’re getting better and better so we can have proper conversations now. Wish you were there too.

    How’s life treating you? Is it good to be back? I’ve been enjoying your snaps (and funny comments) from your Europe trip on FB, looks like you had a great trip 🙂 xx

  3. The London summer looks amazing – not surprised you’ve been traipsing about outside instead of working! I’m sure you’ll get a lot more done in winter 😉

    Glad you enjoyed teaching, as I really enjoyed learning from you. I start lessons through the Danish Church next week, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve just been reviewing what you taught us, so my sentence structure is great but my vocabulary hasn’t grown much =P

    It’s good to be back, but I miss many things about London and Europe. It was a struggle for a while as I couldn’t find work, but start a fun new online media job tomorrow – hopefully I’ll be able to pay off all my debts and get back to Europe soon!

  4. yeah, hopefully the winter will bring more motivation (you know all about how competitive the job markets is for writers/journalists etc.). Congrats on the job, well done!!

    and good luck with the course, hope they don’t make you recite too many Jesus poems 🙂 hopefully I’ll see you in London again at some point, hell I might even come to Sydney – it’s on top of our travel wish list! xx

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