Long dresses from COS – 50% off

Photo: Mette Bassett

Dykkede fluks ind i COS i Regent Street den anden dag, da jeg så at de havde udsalg. Har længe haft lyst til flere lange sommerkjoler, så jeg endte med at købe dem her, som begge er 100% bomuld og 50% nedsat.

English: Yesterday I passed the COS shop at Regent Street and couldn’t resist the “50% off!!” signs shouting to me from the windows. I really like the Swedish (H&M-owned) brand and its minimalist, edgy and structured designs, as there is something very Scandinavian about them. But their prices are quite a bit higher than H&M and unfortunately the quality doesn’t always follow the price.

These cotton dresses were half price, which makes a lot more sense.


Den her er favoritten. Den ser lidt ud som om, at jeg er blevet angrebet af en gal og meget Jackson Pollock-inspireret maler. Eller måske en pels-aktivist, bevæbnet med den forkerte farve maling. Pris 49 24,5 pund.

English: This one is my favourite and looks as if I’ve been attacked by a deranged Jackson Pollock wannabe. Or maybe an anti-fur activist, armed with the wrong colour of paint. Price 49 24,5 pounds.


Og her er den beige/taupe. Det sjoveste ved den er vist dens bryderryg, som er snoet en omgang. Men super behagelig på hedebølgedage (som om de nogensinde kommer til London) eller sydhavsferier 🙂 Pris 45 22,5 pund.

English: And here’s the beige/taupe one. I like the twisted part on the back and it’s perfect for warm summer days (if they’re ever going to arrive) or tropical beach holidays 🙂 Price 45 22,5 pounds.

One response to “Long dresses from COS – 50% off

  1. i know what you mean about Cos price v quality ratio. Those dresses are really nice & at that price perfect.


    PS. Thanks for your comment on my book club post. If you’re interested in the book club up in NW3 from September onwards, email me & I’ll let you know the details.xx

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