What I wore: Amanda Wakeley

It’s always tricky to find the perfect dress for a big event, especially if you, like me, love second-hand shopping. When you don’t need a floor length gala dress, they seem to pop up everywhere.  And when you really need one they vanish, as by magic. 

But a few months back I managed to scoop up the perfect dress in one of my favourite charity shops in Chiswick. (read my Chiswick second-hand guide here). 

Here the dress is in action at the staircase at The Royal Meridien: 

Foto: Sam Bassett


It’s by posh British designer Amanda Wakeley and was one of the leftovers from a charity auction at the Oxfam shop. It cost me 95 pounds and was worth every penny. 

I wore it with my beige Balenciaga wedge sandals that I bought in Italy last year and luckily I had saved them for the right moment. They were really comfortable and I sailed safely through the wedding and post-wedding partying without a single blister to show for it the day after. 

Foto: Mette Bassett

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