On Top of the World – Sirocco Skybar

Foto: Mette Bassett

If you’re in Bangkok and want to spend a night eating or sipping cocktails while literally feeling on top of the world, then head for the Sirocco Skybar.

The bar & restaurant is located at the top of the 63 storey high State Tower Building in Bangkok. We went there to have a drink after the wedding, had an amazing time and will definitely come back.

Foto: Mette Bassett

This place is nothing short of breathtaking. You take the lift/elevator up to a neo-classical dome-like building and when you exit it, you’re met by the tones of an outdoor jazz band playing (apparently they have some really good bands) on the landing in front of the building. From there a staircase swirls down to a round bar at the far end with a 360 view of Bangkok by Night = loads of Kodak moments…

Foto: Sam Bassett

My pictures are pretty crappy so take a look at their own website, where you can read much more about the bar and the restaurant and enjoy the glossy pics. The skybar has a walk-in policy so no need for reservations but you do have to reserve for dining in the restaurant.

On the night we were there it was a mixed crowd and the atmosphere was pretty relaxed. 99% were tourists or local expats. The drinks are on the pricey side, around 7 pounds for a beer. But that’s actually all right ’cause you get high on the view as well 🙂

One response to “On Top of the World – Sirocco Skybar

  1. I looked at their website – I know what you’re talking about! Fantastic!

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