Louis Feraud clutch

Foto: Mette Bassett

Vintage Louis Feraud lædertaske, fundet i Cancer Research genbrugsbutikken i Chiswick. Den har en del mærker og skrammer, men jeg kan godt lide det slidte look. Stroppen kan tages af, og jeg foretrækker at bruge den som clutch/kuverttaske. Pris 4 pund.

Foto: Mette Bassett

In English: I found this very old Louis Feraud bag in the Cancer Research shop in Chiswick the other day. It has quite a few marks and scratches but I kind of like the beaten look. It has a detachable strap but I prefer to use it as a clutch. Price 4 pounds.

One response to “Louis Feraud clutch

  1. Great find, just the perfect colour for every day. And would match my boots…

    Helena xx

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