Genbrugsfund: Marni top

Foto: Mette Bassett

Mørkeblå (ikke sort 🙂 ) Marni bomuldstop med små sidelommer. Så god som ny. Pris 15 pund i genbrugsbutikken i Chiswick.

In English: Dark blue Marni  top from the charity shop in Chiswick. 15 pounds and it’s as good as new.

3 responses to “Genbrugsfund: Marni top

  1. Hey,
    Loving your website!
    I love the second hand clothes bit.
    Maybe you could do a list of second hand clothes all over London.
    Will be going to Chiswick tomorrow to check out whats happening..
    good luck.

    • thanks Layla, I’m glad that you like it!
      I’ll definitely do a list of my favourite second hand shops in London soon. so far I’ve found the best stuff in Chiswick and in St. Johns Wood (on the high street). I guess the trick is to stay close to the affluent areas and go as often as possible as you newer know what you’ll find, xx

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